Watch this very weird Swedish Bread Institute Commercial

The Swedish Bread Institute are promoting bread as a future food and predicts a slightly weird future in this commercial.

Bread sales have been going down in Sweden because of health trends for a long time. Most people like bread and there have been an artisan bread trend going on for years but that has not been enough to stop the declining sales in Sweden.

As an effort to stop this trend the Swedish Bread Institute or Brödinstitutet as it’s called in Sweden are predicting bread as a climate friendly future food. Along with cockroaches, crickets of course. Personally I am highly skeptical on what impact insects will have on the future of food. At the moment it is very popular to use them as a “fun” protein source in marketing and getting some buzz around a product.

Note: The Swedish Bread Institute want us to eat more bread, not necessarily eat more insects. No matter the claim in the commercial I’m sure they will be just as happy if people add a slice of cheese or ham to their sandwich in the future instead of a cockroach. That bread is a climate friendly product is still a good thing though.

Watch this very weird Swedish Bread Institute Commercial
Climate friendly bread by Chef Johan Blidberg with three types of peas. And no insects.

The commercial starts with a lunch lady who’s walking around in a forest and foraging some crickets, later we learn that she is actually on a rooftop garden and that she is not a lunch lady at all but robot. Then the robot makes some bread with her fellow robots and tells us that bread is good for us.

This might come off that I’m being critical to this campaign, that is not the case. I’m a big fan of bread I just think that people and marketers are overrating the impact and demand for insects. And I do like the unusual style in the commercial.

Along with the campaign the Swedish Bread Institute have set up a website with a bunch of recipes and information about the benefits of bread.