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  • 03/16/2015 • Chocolate Packaging, Packaging

    Reval Chocolate Packaging Design

    Reval Chocolate is an Estonian chocolate brand that takes an contemporary grip on classic chocolate truffles. With great packaging, beautiful truffles with fun and exciting flavors they are bound for success. Reval Chocolate comes in six...

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  • 02/27/2015 • Chocolate Packaging, Packaging

    Leon Restaurants Chocolate Packaging

    Here is some new packaging for chocolate that have been made for Leon Restaurant. The design is made by Jo Ormiston and uses bright colors and a cool geometric pattern which is said to be inspired by Mediterranean tiles. The design is an...

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  • 02/17/2015 • Food Culture

    Sniffing Chocolate

    Feel like sniffing something at your next party but don’t feel like damaging your body or breaking the law? Start sniffing chocolate, that’s right Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone have created the Chocolate Shooter and sold...

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  • 02/14/2015 • Art & Design

    Real Chocolate Heart for Valentines Day – For The True Romantic

    Whatever you have planned for the next Valentines Day skip that. Instead do something really romantic and get your loved one a real chocolate heart for Valentines Day. Yes this is a real chocolate heart. Far away from that old fake heart...

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  • 01/26/2015 • Art & Design

    Chocolate box that will amaze you

    This chocolate box is designed by Japanese design studio Nendo. But instead of putting full focus on the flavor of the chocolate Nendo decided to turn their attention to the shape of the chocolate. The result is quite amazing, Nendo have...

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  • 12/18/2014 • Packaging

    Owl food packaging slideshow

    Owls have been a popular way of adding something cool to packaging design in the last few years so to take a closer look at this ongoing trend, we have put together a slideshow of our favorites. The products are dominated by different...

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  • 12/13/2014 • Art & Design

    Chocolate houses for Christmas

    Take a look at this amazing chocolate village, it is made by design studio Nendo for Häagen-Dazs to be sold on Champs Èlysees in Paris during this Christmas. The houses are made of milk chocolate and filled with nuts and fudge. As you...

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  • 11/10/2014 • Ads

    Alzheimer chocolate ad

    The dutch advertising agency N=5 have made this very clever and heartbreaking chocolate ad that is supposed to give you and understanding on how it can feel to suffer from Alzheimer’s decease, a very effective and creative way to...

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  • 05/22/2014 • Chocolate Packaging, Packaging

    Wellington factory chocolate packaging design

    Great chocolate package design for Wellington chocolate. Wellington chocolate factory is a chocolate brand form New Zeeland who has got an truly inspiring design for their chocolate bars. The illustrations is made by New Zeeland...

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