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  • 04/02/2015 • Food Culture

    Watch Food in Space

    For some reason people keep sending food to space using high altitude balloons, we have no idea why but since this phenomenon keep on being a thing we’ve put together a bunch of food and drink that have been sent to space, so buckle up,...

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  • 03/31/2015 • Art & Design

    Cold Fingers Ice Tongs

    These mitten ice tongs are the coolest ones we’ve seen for quite some time here at ateriet. They are sold by Fred & Friends and you have to agree that it is not everyday you see ice tongs that make you happy is there. The Cold...

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  • 03/24/2015 • Recipes

    How to make a Mojito

    It’s drink time again and now we are preparing for summer by perfecting the Mojito, one of many summers greatest hits. And once again we took some help from Absolut to get the Mojito perfectly mixed. The Mojito is a drink of debate, most...

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  • 03/24/2015 • Food Culture

    Mikehacks with Mikes Hard Lemonade

    Mikehacks with Mikes Hard Lemonade is the theme for these clever clips, watch them now. Mikehacks is hacks that you can make using Mikes hard lemonade or simply by drinking some Mikes hard lemonade when doing them. Mikehacks was a campaign...

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  • 03/22/2015 • Ads

    Sprite Saver Commercials

    Sprite have created these funny commercials called Sprite Saver, and what Sprite is saving you from is awkward situations, and there are plenty of those. Both these commercials are really funny, maybe not very logic to send a dude in tight...

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  • 03/22/2015 • Food Culture

    A Year in Champagne Documentary

    “The exploding cork. Endless tiny bubbles floating up and up in the glass. An indulgence. A celebration. A seduction. A triumph. This is the essence of Champagne, isn’t it?” That is the description of the film A Year in Champagne...

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  • 03/18/2015 • Ads

    Pepsi Challenge is back after 40 Years

    The Pepsi Challenge is back. Pepsi is returning with their now 40 year old campaign, read all about it. The Pepsi Challenge is back, Pepsi are bringing back their now 40 year old Pepsi Challenge but in a different way, there will be no...

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  • 03/16/2015 • Food Culture

    Inhale alcohol with the Vaportini

    Inhale alcohol? Yes that is what the creators behind the Vaportini want us to do. They have come up with a way to inhale alcohol that will let you feel the flavor of any spirit without any of it being swallowed. Besides letting you skip...

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  • 03/11/2015 • Recipes

    How to make a Bloody Mary with Absolut Vodka

    How to make a Bloody Mary, find out all you need to know in this great video by Absolut Vodka, plus you get to drink one as soon as you’ve learned to make it. Bloody Mary, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, no seriously...

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  • 03/10/2015 • Recipes

    How to make an Old Fashioned the right way

    How to make an Old Fashioned, if you haven’t mastered this drink yet then now is the time. Do you want to serve up an Old Fashioned and look cool at the same time? Luckily for you (and me) Absolut Vodka have produced a huge range of...

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