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  • 02/10/2015 • Ads

    A Very Bold Bornholm Brewery Ad

    What if people at the beach was just as natural as the products made by Bornholm Brewery are? The Danish brewery decided to try that hypothesis in these very bold and a bit hairy ads, check them out. Bornholm Brewery decided to be bold...

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  • 02/02/2015 • Food Culture

    Absolut Vodka delivered to your party

    Absolut Vodka have teamed up with Minibar which means that when the vodka is running low on your next party you can get everything you can have Absolut Vodka delivered to your party. Sounds to good to be true? Almost, as long as you’re...

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  • 01/30/2015 • Ads

    Will Coca-Cola #makeithappy

    Coca-Cola is on a crusade to make the internet happy as their campaign for this years Super Bowl. They have launched some teaser trailers for their commercial which will be shown during Super Bowl this sunday. From the looks of they want...

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  • 01/28/2015 • Packaging

    Great Packaging Design for these Mackmyra Whisky Bottles

    Swedish Whisky brand Mackmyra has come out with two examples of great packaging design. Let’s check out these Mackmyra Whisky bottles in detail. Mackmyra is a small whisky distillery in Sweden, yes you heard right. Swedish Whisky....

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  • 01/17/2015 • Ads

    Pepsi Max and their great commercials

    Pepsi Max just keep delivering great commercials, their latest in a long line of great short movies features mouse traps and ping pong balls, and a lot of them. The short film “Chain Reaction” that you can look at above uses the...

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  • 11/26/2014 • Food Culture

    The Whisky wedge chills your drink with style

    Chill your Whisky with the whisky wedge, check this out. This cool way of chilling your drink is called a Whisky wedge and is available at The Grommet, it´s a silicone mould that comes with a glass. You fill the mould with water, freeze...

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  • 05/20/2014 • Art & Design

    Design notecards by Scotty Reifsnyder with cool bottles

    Design notecards by Scotty Reifsnyder that is worth an extra look. American designer Scotty Reifsnyder have created these stunning design notecards based on the stuff we usually like to serve for a weekend cocktail. The whole collection is...

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