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  • 07/31/2016 • Food Culture

    Watch The Meat Show with Nick Solares

    Time to watch The Meat Show with Nick Solares, that is if you love great food videos with meat in focus. Check out The Meat Show. The Meat Show with Nick Solares is an online video series by Eater that focuses on meat as you might have...

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  • 03/30/2016 • Food Culture

    When is a steak done? Find out in this video

    Find out when a steak is done in this great video. It will teach you the basics on cooking steak, educate yourself now. So learn when a steak is done right now. In this great video by Eater you get to learn when a steak is done, and by...

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  • 03/08/2016 • Food Culture

    Brunch at Animal in Los Angeles – see it being made

    Check out this great video from the recently launched Brunch at Animal in Los Angeles. You’ll try to get an hangover just by looking at this stuff. Foodie website Eater keeps posting great content if you’re into the American food...

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  • 10/04/2015 • Food Culture

    Watch the Alinea Chicago Tasting Menu in 60 seconds

    Watch this video of Alinea Chicago Tasting Menu. You’ll get enough food inspiration in one minutes time then what you usually get in a month. Here is a great video from Eater where Chef Mike Bagale from Alinea in Chicago treats us to...

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  • 07/04/2015 • Food Culture

    Art of Grilling video with Nick Anderer by Eater

    Watch chef Nick Anderer explain and show us the art of grilling in this great video by Eater Savvy. In this video chef Nick Anderer from Marta and Maialino restaurants in New York city gives us the basics of grilling, and it’s not all...

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  • 05/17/2015 • Food Culture

    For Grace – food documentary with Curtis Duffy

    Food Grace is the full length documentary about the opening of Curtis Duffy’s Chicago restaurant Grace. Curtis Duffy, one of the most renowned chefs in the US is building his restaurant Grace after leaving Avenues where he gained two...

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  • 12/24/2014 • Food Culture

    60 second menus

    The restaurant blog Eater have as we posted about before started producing short films about different restaurants tasting menus, you’ll get a quick tour of some of the greatest American restaurants and problaby start saving up money...

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  • 06/01/2014 • Food Culture

    60 Second Tasting Menu

    Tasting menus, how can you not love them? Well 60 second tasting menu is a new segment created by the great foodie site Eater. They have filmed and put out a series of tasting menus from some of the greatest American restaurants such as...

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