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  • 02/05/2015 • Food Culture

    Scientist finds out how to unboil an egg

    UC Irvine and an Australian chemist have just found out how to unboil an egg, yes to make a cooked egg liquid again. Why not just not boil the egg in the first place? It sure would save a lot of time. Seriously this technology have not...

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  • 02/03/2015 • Food Culture

    Breaking eggs in slow motion

    There is something truly fascinating about watching breaking eggs in slow motion. Luckily the Slow Mo Lab have clips for any slow motion craving you might want. And today that craving is watching eggs break into pieces in super slow...

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  • 12/29/2014 • Food Culture

    How to scramble an egg in the shell

    By taking a look at the number of views for this video on Youtube you might have seen this one before. It’s a short clip on how you can scramble and egg in the shell. Cool trick although I’m not really sure what you are suppose to do...

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  • 05/03/2014 • Recipes

    Scrambled eggs in the shell with truffle oil

    Make a stylish scrambled eggs in the shell. Making scrambled eggs in the shell is a cool way to present a simple thing like scrambled eggs in a more elegant way that will impress your dinner guests. It is a bit time consuming to cut the...

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