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  • 02/10/2015 • Art & Design

    White Heat Photos by Bob Carlos Clarke

    As we written here at äteriet the classic book White Heat by Marco Pierre White have been re-released. One of the great things about the book was the photographs by Bob Carlos Clarke who was a friend of Marco Pierre White until the...

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  • 01/19/2015 • Art & Design

    Food Art by Marion Luttenberger

    I’ve just discovered some nice food art still life photos that Austrian photographer Marino Luttenberger had posted on her Behance profile and since spreading things we love here at Äteriet and it fits perfectly in our category Food Art...

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  • 12/05/2014 • Art & Design

    Goth food

    Goths, you know those pale kids in black clothes which you don’t understand (and who doesn’t understand you). Well those kids have to eat too and luckily photographer Stephanie Gonot have put together a collection of cool goth...

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  • 12/04/2014 • Art & Design

    Milky pinups

    Fairlife milk, a just released premium milk that is marketed by Coca-cola have been getting some critique for it’s use of milk pin-up models in their latest marketing campaign. In the campaign Fairlife combined the milk covered models...

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  • 12/02/2014 • Art & Design

    Lovely food photography by Rene Mesman

    Take a minute to admire some great food photography by Rene Mesman. Rene Mesman is a dutch photographer, he not only a food photographer but since Äteriet is about food that´s what we will focus on. It´s not so much that he´s photos...

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  • 11/22/2014 • Art & Design

    Hargreaves and Levin

    It´s time to talk a bit about Hargreaves and Levin, that is Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin who have been creating amazing food art for quite some time. Above you see one of their photos from the project food maps where they have...

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  • 11/18/2014 • Food Culture

    Anne-Sophie Pic – Le Livre Blanc

    Anne-Sophie Pic is one of the greatest chefs to come out of France in the last years. She released a cookbook last year named Le Livre Blanc and I kind of missed it when it was released, so when I now rediscovered this book I simply had to...

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  • 11/06/2014 • Art & Design

    Fictious dishes

    Fictious dishes is an art and photography book made by Dinah Fried, the book consists of 50 famous meals from some of the greatest and most well known books in the world. A great and fun book that is packed with beautiful photography....

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  • 08/19/2014 • Art & Design

    Celebrity diets Photography by Dan Bannino

    Celebrity diets is a cool photography project by artist Dan Bannino, really cool and clever idea. Celebrity diets have always been a subject of the general public interest, especially all those crazy diets that will most likely turn you...

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  • 05/21/2014 • Art & Design

    Food cut in half

    Food cut in half is a photography project created by New York based photographer Beth Galton. All foods have in some way been cut in half, prepared and then photographed. The series is superbly done and on Beth Galtons site you will find...

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