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  • 06/06/2015 • Ads

    Carl’s Jr Super American Thickburger Commercial

    Is the Thickburger the most American commercial of all time? This ad for the new Thickburger at Carl’s Jr was released a few days ago and have become an instant hit. It describes what is the most American thing out there. And the...

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  • 04/01/2015 • Art & Design

    McDonald’s Fry Gloves

    McDonald’s Fry Gloves are not for sale, at least not yet. We thought we might start this post by not letting you down at the end. As cool as they might look and how bad you want them they are simply part of a direct marketing campaign by...

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  • 01/31/2015 • Ads

    McDonald’s Marketing History

    Learn something today, how about the Marketing History of McDonald’s? Watch this great video to get educated. Heres a two minute video that will show you the McDonald’s marketing history. Its been put together by Fast Company and...

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  • 01/27/2015 • Art & Design

    Burgers & Hip Hop come together in Berlin – and they got...

    Check out this cool branding for the Burgers & Hip Hop party in Berlin, once a year lovers of hip hop and meat come together to celebrate this holy alliance, now they have upped their party with some great branding as well. Burgers...

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  • 01/18/2015 • Ingredients

    The Chicken McNugget – why you can trust McDonalds

    McDonalds have been in some controversy about what really goes into their Chicken McNugget, there have been allegations from consumers that pink slime is being used and all kinds of chicken parts like beaks and feet are used as well....

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  • 01/12/2015 • Food Culture

    History of the Hamburger

    Do you want to know about the history of the Hamburger? Well you’re in luck, National Geographic have made a clip just for you where they give you the full but brief history of the hamburger in no less than two minutes and eleven...

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  • 01/02/2014 • Art & Design

    Contemporary Pieces Junk Food Still Life Photos

    Contemporary Pieces Junk Food Still Life Photos by Rebecca Rütten. Rebecca Rütten is a German designer with a focus on film and photography that have created a project called Contemporary Pieces. She takes portraits in a style that will...

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