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  • 11/18/2016 • Art & Design

    Grey Goose Martini Truck is The Food Truck We All Want

    One truck, two guest, one mixologist and a few Grey Goose Martinis. This Grey Goose Martini Truck is the food truck we all want. Check it out. This Grey Goose Martini Truck is the one food truck we all want. It have everything you need....

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  • 05/29/2016 • Packaging

    Jameson Limited Edition Bottle

    Check out this very cool Jameson Limited Edition Bottle, if you love Ireland or Whiskey you will love this bottle. This Jameson Limited Edition bottle was released in 2015 by Jameson. I’ve missed it when it was released in time for St...

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  • 07/10/2015 • Packaging

    Lucha Libre Food Packaging by Kathy Lees “El Sabor Libre”

    Check out the coolest food packaging by Kathy Lees, the Lucha Libre Food Packaging called El Sabor Libre. Lucha Libre style packaging works great for any food, but pair it with a Mexican organic range for British chain Marks and Spencer...

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  • 07/05/2015 • Ads

    Woodchuck Cider Commercials

    Have a look at these funny Woodchuck cider commercials. Woodchuck cider have just launched their first ad campaign for their Woodchuck cider, the campaign these two funny commercials on how the name of the cider was invented. The one on...

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  • 06/11/2015 • Ads

    Watch McDonald’s great commercials by Leo Burnett

    Watch some of the great McDonald’s commercials by Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett is the ad agency for McDonalds in the UK and they are doing some great work. We have picked out a few commercials for McDonald’s created by Leo Burnett...

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  • 12/14/2014 • Packaging

    Skoff pies packaging design

    Skoff pies is a fairly new pie concept by Irish celebrity chef Donal Skehan, it’s a small range of meaty rich pies with fillings like Beef & Stout and Pulled Pork. Besides having pies that look and taste great they are also packaged...

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