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  • 12/19/2018 • Ads

    Clever Stretched Ads for McDonald’s Shows How Iconic McDonald’s Is

    These clever stretched ads for McDonald’s shows just how iconic McDonald’s is. With just a fun tweak these ads both stand out and show the power or great branding, check it out. I’ve been writing about McDonald’s so...

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  • 09/06/2018 • Ads

    Big Mac Ads – Wrapped In History

    McDonald’s keep on celebrating the 50 years of the Big Mac. Check out the latest clever Big Mac Ads – Wrapped In History. Big Mac keeps on celebrating that their number one burger Big Mac is turning 50 years old in 2018. Earlier...

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  • 07/20/2018 • Ads

    Don’t Miss McDonald’s Artsy Summer Print Ads

    Check out a set of great McDonald’s artsy summer print ads. They capture what summer is all about and will make you crave a sundae, maybe even one from McDonald’s. McDonald’s in Portugal have released this set of three different...

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  • 05/31/2018 • Ads

    Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

    McDonald’s want more students to work for them. To make them want to they created a line of very clever job ads, let’s just say that you can get a chance at McDonald’s without prior experience. I love these clever job ads that...

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  • 04/05/2018 • Ads

    The Golden Arches as Digital Art for McCafé

    The golden arches of McDonald’s may be iconic, but this artist turned it even more cool by getting creative. Check out this cool art for McCafé. I love when you take your strongest asset and turn it into something else. McDonald’s...

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