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  • 01/12/2015 • Packaging

    Sandwich packaging that will make you hungry

    Sandwich packaging usually don’t get anyone very excited, you usually get some plastic wrapping that is functional at best. That is one of the reasons it’s so fun to take a look at these sandwich packagings for the middle eastern...

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  • 01/12/2015 • Food Culture

    History of the Hamburger

    Do you want to know about the history of the Hamburger? Well you’re in luck, National Geographic have made a clip just for you where they give you the full but brief history of the hamburger in no less than two minutes and eleven...

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  • 12/14/2014 • Packaging

    Skoff pies packaging design

    Skoff pies is a fairly new pie concept by Irish celebrity chef Donal Skehan, it’s a small range of meaty rich pies with fillings like Beef & Stout and Pulled Pork. Besides having pies that look and taste great they are also packaged...

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  • 11/22/2014 • Food Culture

    Watch Magnus Nilsson cook amazing meat

    Watch Magnus Nilsson cook amazing meat in this great video, you won’t regret it. Magnus Nilsson is one of the more hyped chefs in the recent years and by looks of this video where Magnus Nilsson cook meat it seems like it’s...

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  • 11/17/2014 • Ingredients

    Steak cuts explained

    Another great and informative video from Eater, here you´ll get a short and simple guide to your steak cuts come from. If you want to know a bit more of not just these parts of the animal Angus Beef has a very good guide where you can...

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