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  • 06/19/2017 • Packaging

    Tim and Tammy’s Peanut Butter Packaging Design

    Let’s take a look at the great peanut butter packaging design for Tim and Tammy’s peanut butter. If this tastes as good as it looks we are in for a treat. Tim and Tammy’s is an American brand of peanut butter. The twist is that it...

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  • 01/04/2016 • Food Culture

    Food Flavored Soda from Lester’s Fixin

    Food flavored soda might sound a bit interesting the first time you hear it. But hold on, does Ranch Dressing soda sound like something you would like to drink? And that is just one of the food flavored sodas that is available from...

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  • 12/23/2014 • Art & Design

    5 Amazing Mugs for Foodies

    Society 6 is a art shop where you can buy loads and loads of cool art prints but you can also get those great prints made on other stuff than something to hang on your wall. One of those things are coffee mugs. Below you can take a look at...

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