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  • 05/11/2016 • Recipes

    Pimientos de Padron – A Great Spanish Snack

    Pimientos de Padron is one of those tapas dishes you will always crave once you’ve tried them. These crunchy fried green peppers are great for summer and very easy to prepare, learn it here. Pimientos de Padron are small green peppers...

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  • 04/04/2016 • Recipes

    Red Pepper Walnut Dip with Crostini

    Try my recipe for Red Pepper Walnut Dip with Crostini, you’ll make this more than once. This recipe for Red Pepper Walnut Dip is a new for me but dips are easy. Roast, boil or cook stuff you like, blend it and start dipping. Dips are...

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  • 05/27/2015 • Appetizers, Recipes

    Green gazpacho with cream cheese crostini

    The classic Spanish Gazpacho soup is a must for me at least once a week throughout the summer, this version is made using only green vegetables except for the tomatoes which are yellow. The flavor gets a bit different but equally good and...

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