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  • 02/06/2015 • Art & Design

    Pizza Condom

    A condom designed to look like a box of pizza, a pizza condom. That is what Russian designer Marina Maligyna have created. When she designed this fun packaging she was inspired by American culture and its common use of both sex and pizza,...

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  • 01/04/2015 • Art & Design

    Pizza shirt

    It’s time to focus on some new stuff to fill your closet with for 2015 and if you love pizza then we have found the only thing you will need. The Pizza Shirt. The Pizza shirt comes in pepperoni flavor and is made of 100% polyester in...

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  • 12/19/2014 • Food Culture

    Support group for tomatoes

    It’s not easy being a tomato out there, you’re most likely to end up sliced alongside some mozzarella, squeezed into a Bloody Mary or worst of all reduced with other tomatoes into a paste and then spread on pizzas. Luckily there are...

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  • 12/15/2014 • Packaging

    Pizza branding

    Well this is refreshing, a clean and fresh design for pizzas and also a better way of carrying it. Let’s hope this will be picked up by a few pizza places around here where I’m usually stuck with shamefully carrying home my hungover...

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  • 06/19/2014 • Ads

    Follow Your Pizza – Clever Ads For The First Pizza With A...

    Check out these clever ads, they let you know exactly where your pizza ingredients are coming from with a clever idea. So follow your pizza. Follow your pizza or at least all of their ingredients. German pizza brand Followfish has released...

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  • 01/02/2014 • Art & Design

    Contemporary Pieces Junk Food Still Life Photos

    Contemporary Pieces Junk Food Still Life Photos by Rebecca Rütten. Rebecca Rütten is a German designer with a focus on film and photography that have created a project called Contemporary Pieces. She takes portraits in a style that will...

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