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  • 01/03/2016 • Food Culture

    Cool Handmade Cocktail Mixers from Cocktail Crate in Queens

    Not all cocktail mixers are crap, take a look at these cool handmade cocktail mixers from Queens, New York. They might just make you look at cocktail mixers in a new way. Bartending have gone from someone pouring up beer and mixing gin...

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  • 05/25/2015 • Appetizers, Recipes, Taco Recipes

    Pulled beef tacos with apple & fennel coleslaw

    Pulled pork and pulled beef are great to put on tacos, the other day I´ve got some pulled beef left over from making tacos and decided to make some mini tacos and add a fresh coleslaw and a few drops of Sriracha sauce on top. I made my...

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  • 05/11/2015 • Art & Design

    Printing Friends Food Magazine by Snask Agency

    Printing Friends is a inspiration magazine that is released for the Swedish printing company Danagårdlitho, read the latest issue that is only focused on food online for free. Danagårdlitho is a Swedish printing company that makes an...

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  • 02/22/2015 • Ingredients

    Heinz Sriracha Ketchup

    Well it is safe to say that the Sriracha trend has peaked and beyond, Heinz have now released their Heinz Sriracha Ketchup on the American market. Their twist on the classic Heinz ketchup maintains the classic ketchup taste but adds a kick...

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  • 01/22/2015 • Ingredients

    Get a Hot Sauce Subscription

    You should get a Hot Sauce Subscription, and we found the place that will make it happen for you. At Fuego Box you can actually subscribe to hot sauce. That’s right, never reach into your fridge for a great hot sauce and come out empty...

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  • 12/27/2014 • Ingredients

    Sriracha products that you don’t need

    The Sriracha sauce obsession is on the way out but for the die hard fans or if you have just discovered this spicy sauce there are loads of products that let you demonstrate that you’re still a fan. Check out this list of Sriracha...

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  • 11/30/2014 • Food Culture

    Sriracha Beer comes this december

    Noting marks the start of the holidays like drinking beer flavored with chili sauce, or at least that is what Rogue Brewery hopes since they are launching a Sriracha Beer that is set to be released this december. So I guess we will be...

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  • 11/11/2014 • Ingredients

    Sriracha 2 Go

    The Sriracha obsession seem to have no end in sight, the latest innovation of this extremely hyped sauce is miniature sized bottles that fits your keyring so you never have to find yourself without your favorite sauce. The bottles are...

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