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  • 04/14/2016 • Ads

    Inventive Sushi Rolls from Sweden

    Check out some inventive Sushi Rolls from Sweden, how about a herring roll or maybe candy roll. There are no limits to what you can find in these inventive sushi rolls from Sweden. There are some inventive sushi rolls being made in Sweden...

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  • 07/30/2015 • Ingredients

    What is Surströmming and how to eat this smelly fish

    Surströmming is the Swedish name for soured herring. It is fermented Baltic Sea Herring that is sold in tin cans and eaten in the north of Sweden. Learn all about this weird and smelly food and how to eat it. The Process of Surströmming...

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  • 07/03/2015 • Food Culture

    Watch Americans Trying To Eat Surströmming

    Watching Americans trying to eat surströmming is becoming a Youtube tradition, what better way is there to kill a few minutes. So watch Americans trying to eat surströmming. Surströmming is a soured herring, or fermented sea herring...

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