Taste the Bush in this Cheeky Commercial from Premier Estates

08/12/2015 • Ads

You can almost taste the bush in this cheeky commercial from Premier Estates, see it to find out what that means.

This clever and a bit cheeky commercial is made for Premier Estates wine which is an independent wine company who sell wines to independent retailers on the UK market. The focused on wine from Australia, California, Italy and South Africa but have wines from all over the world. Their idea is to source great quality wine so we don’t have to. Not a bad idea, if you have a supplier you trust that would buying wine a lot easier.

In this commercial that are now shown online to targets people who have recently bought wine online they have made a fun and cheeky commercial. It features an attractive woman who are describing a glass of Shiraz wine in a quite sensual way. Somehow it reminds us a bit of Nigella Lawson, the queen of sensual food.

In the end of the commercial the woman places the glass of Shiraz in a very strategic place and says the line “You can almost taste the bush”. Lets see if this commercial will create a boom in sales for Premier Estates, to find out follow the tag #TasteTheBush on social media. (via The Drinks Business).

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