Thug Kitchen Cookbook

thug kitchen

Thug Kitchen is a website turned cookbook and they are offering you their new book on how to get your shit together and cook some real fucking food. Yes fucking food. That is part of the attitude you’ll get from the Thug Kitchen.

They want to show how to take charge of their eating habits and leave out the bullshit, even though as foul language goes it is highly present. Thug Kitchen want us who live in the real world as oppose to many other books and blogs do to eat better without stuff getting boring.

In their book there is over 100 hundred recipes of their best love meals and you of course get full instructions and all the tech tips you’ll need.

The book was released in the fall of 2014 and is available wherever you get your books, but if you’re feeling lazy here’s a amazon link. There is also a great commercial for the book that you can watch below. If that won’t make you buy this book I don’t know what will. The film is produced by Process Media.

I fucking love it.

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