Tic Tac Ads – Turns Out Tic Tacs are Charming Daredevils

These Tic Tac ads show how this hard little candy really are a gang of daredevils, ready to take on space, sharks and even a waterfall, check these out.

Time to check out some new Tic Tac Ads. Yes Tic Tacs, those tiny hard candies that comes in all sorts of flavors. Usually found close to the register in shops worldwide. Turns out these small medecine shaped candies also have a stroke of heroism in them. In these new set of ads they turn out to be charming daredevils.

There are four different ads in this new campaign and there is some serious dangerous stunts done by these heroic Tic Tacs. Would you dare to jump over the Grand Canyon? Swim with sharks? Ride a barrel down a waterfall? Get launched into space? Didn’t think so.

Each ad starts out with a 80’s style intro with great graphics and some cool music. Then the stunt is carried out with some help of a human hand. Some of the footage is mixed up with archival footage which the makers spend no time to try to hide.

One thing I really like and which is a bit unusual with ads of this type is that they didn’t put eyes or anything else to humanize the Tic Tacs. It’s simply a Tic Tac that gets to do some daredevil stuff. You can see all of the four Tic Tac Ads below. As a bonus I also added a fun clip by Internet phenomenon Zach King where he creates a new Tic Tac flavor in a very creative way, enjoy.

First out is the waterfall, love the helmet they put on the Tic Tac in this one.


If you’re gonna jump the Grand Canyon you might as well spin a cool car at the same time.


This doesn’t seem to be such a big effort for the Tic Tac, just sit still.


Here’s the Zach King bonus, impossible not to love videos like this.

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