Tiny Toast Ads Could be the Weirdest one this year

tiny toast ads

General Mills just launched their new cereal Tiny Toast. In the new Tiny Toast Ads they have flipped the roles we have with animals, you need to see this.

These Tiny Toast Ads is not something you’ve seen before. Ever. The idea is to change roles between humans and animals. Because humans can’t resist Tiny Toast. Now that doesn’t sound so weird, but wait til you see the Tiny Toast Ads. It starts out with the on top in this post.

A horse puts some Tiny Toasts in a feeding bag, adds milk and gives the bag a gentle shake. All of a sudden an old woman approaches, leans down and start eating. The short spot ends with the horse petting the woman’s head with its hoof. Done.

And that is just the first Tiny Toast Ad, next is my favorite. A seagull is sitting on a bench snacking on some Tiny Toast. Suddenly there is plenty of interest from the surrounding people. Just watch it.


Next ad is no less strange. Here we have two birds living inside a house. They bring out the Tiny Toast and seconds later a flying human slams against the window looking for some cereal.


Last one takes the price though. A human standing on all fours in a barn gets a back shave from an Irish lamb. Watch this one at your own risk.

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