Trick your taste buds with The Aromafork

The Aromafork

In this video you can use aromas from Molecule R and serve them with other foods to trick yourself and your guests to getting really exciting flavor experiences. Using the Aromafork to add scents from the aromas doubles the experience of the food and you can create crazy combinations to trick your senses.

Most of our taste we get from food comes from the aromas and not from the tastebuds on our tongues. The taste buds on the tongue can only recognize the five primary tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami) but with the help of the nose we get all the other great flavors.

You most likely tried this on yourself by eating something at the same time as you hold your nose and then mid through you let go of your nose and get all the flavors, its a pretty cool way to realize how little our mouths matter, at least when tasting.

By trying this aroma kit from Molecule R you get 21 different aromas that you can trick yourself with like, chocolate, lychee, strawberry, peanut and a bunch moore.

Molecule R is the company who sells the Aromafork and they also have anything you will need to make some fun foodstuff at home. Now the whole food world claims that Molecular Gastronomy is out and its not coming back I have to disagree a little bit.

Molecular Gastronomy (or whatever you decide to call it) is a fun way to play with food and even if it is said to be unmodern fact is that most people haven’t tried it. I think it is really fun to both make and taste some of the cool things you can do.

Below you can see two more films on fun stuff you can try at your next dinner and you can get it all at Molecule R.

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