Scientist finds out how to unboil an egg

gregory weiss

UC Irvine and an Australian chemist have just found out how to unboil an egg, yes to make a cooked egg liquid again. Why not just not boil the egg in the first place? It sure would save a lot of time.

Seriously this technology have not that much to do with eating boiled egg but is an innovation that could reduce costs for cancer treatment, food production and other areas. Also they still can’t unboil a complete egg, so far its only the egg whites that can go back.

What the scientist actually have done is a way to untangle the proteins that make the egg white become firm when boiling. If this technique will be successful it could be used for other types of proteins as well.

You can read the full statement from UC Irvine in their press release on the unboiling and above you can get a great explanation on how this technology can be used. It is all explained by UC Irvine chemistry professor Gregory Weiss.


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