The Unforgettable Bag from Tesco Can Help Save The Oceans

Plastics in the ocean is a big deal, a big bad deal actually. To make it better we need to cut down on plastic, to make it easier Tesco Malaysia created The Unforgettable Bag.

The Unforgettable Bag by Tesco Malaysia is one of the simplest and clever solutions to not getting plastics in the ocean. The problem with plastics in the ocean is already big enough and whatever we can do to help is useful.

The simplest is, of course, to not use plastics at all. Not the easiest of tasks, walk into any store and you know what I mean. Secondly, if we use plastics we need to dispose of it properly. If those two gets easier, meaning we throw our trash where it belongs and we use less plastic I’m sure we can turn this huge problem around. So how have Tesco tackled this problem?

The Unforgettable Bag

Tesco in Malaysia created The Unforgettable Bag. It a reusable bag that you can buy in the store, just like any other shopping bag. Most stores already offer some sort of reusable bag, there’s nothing new about that. So what’s the deal with The Unforgettable Bag?

The clever part here is that each bag comes with a barcode, for every time you shop and use the bag you scan the bag, and you get a discount. That’s right, instead of paying money for a bag that will end up in the trash Tesco is offering you money for using the same bag again.

That’s what’s great with this bag. Tesco is not just offering a solution like a reusable bag, they added a financial incentive to make you actually use it.

This makes two great things possible. First, you save money and it will most likely make more people use the bag. Even if you save money in the long run if you use reusable bags.

Secondly, Tesco will get the data on how many times each bag is used. Meaning there will be actual numbers on how many plastic bags Tesco and its customers have kept out of the trash and possibly oceans. Great work Tesco!