The War on Butter is Over and Organic Valley Butter Won

Since the 1950’s there has been a war on butter. But finally butter won, Organic Valley Butter that is if you want to believe this ad.

Organic Valley have just declared that the war on butter is over. To celebrate this they have released a great and very funny video about the history of the butter war.

In the video which is a little over two minutes long a narrator takes us through the history of the war on butter. Since the dawn of food when butter was considered rich, creamy semi-solid gold. But in the 1950’s something bad happened.

The party in our mouths, pastries and pies came to a sudden halt. That was when a bunch of scientists decided that fat was evil and it was replaced by sprays and yellow goo. A sad day for toast, our children and America.

Those were dark times for butter and our tastebuds, but even darker for the Organic Valley farmers who spend their time making organic butter.

The Farmers are the most fun

Here the film switches to short interviews with the farmers and this is the funniest part, just read some of these quotes.

“People calling us monsters for making organic butter. It was weird, and confusing”.

“Haters are gonna hate, until they are gonna bake”.

Luckily our beloved scientists made some more research and now butter isn’t bad for us anymore. So the war on butter is over and Organic Valley won.

Butter Sculptures

To celebrate the win in the war on butter Organic Valley have decided to create a website where a number of butter sculptures is being made. The butter sculpting is aired live online and you can see it on the War on Butter website.

Other great Organic Valley Ads

Besides making great organic butter Organic Valley has a great habit of making fun ads. Below you can see some of my favorites, the best one is without a doubt the Save The Bro on. Enjoy.

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