Watch Americans Trying To Eat Surströmming

Watching Americans trying to eat surströmming is becoming a Youtube tradition, what better way is there to kill a few minutes. So watch Americans trying to eat surströmming.

Surströmming is a soured herring, or fermented sea herring if that makes it sound any better. It is a big tradition in the north of Sweden and is usually eaten with crisp bread, potatoes, sour cream and onion. To find out everything you need to this very weird food I have a detailed article here with everything you need to know.

Eating surströmming has become somewhat of a challenge for foodies all over the world since it has become so famous. So as a bonus I added a few other watch-worthy clips that you can check out below. Enjoy and think twice before trying this thing out.

My favorite video of the ones below is the middle one. I love how those guys brought some blue corn chips in case they needed some snacks while they throw up. But big respect to the one of them who actually eats and finishes a herring. Most of us don’t even come close.

For a less smelly version of Swedish Food Culture I can recommend my Christmas Food Series here, you might not like those either but at least they won’t make you want to throw up.


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