Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Water bottle packaging design

Time to take a closer look at some water bottle packaging designs that stand out. And let’s try to settle the debate over if you should drink bottled water at all. 

So in this post, I take a closer look at water bottle packaging design or at least the ones that have a chance of standing out on the shelf. As you most likely know the market for bottled water has exploded a long time ago. Competitors are trying every trick they can think of to get you to buy their water. What I will do in this post is to show you a big collection of water bottle packaging designs that I think stand out in a great way.

It can be for all sorts of reasons, the bottle shape, the way the bottle is sealed, the graphic design. You name it. There will most likely be an example that you like on the list. But before we start looking at design let’s ask us a few questions, if you only want to get some water bottle packaging inspiration then just scroll past all this and go straight for the design.

Water bottle packaging design

Is bottled water necessary and should you even drink it?

In short yes, and no. It all depends on where and when and for what reason you decide to have bottled water. The main reason for not drinking bottled water is of course that compared to tap water it is a major strain on the environment. Why bottle, transport and buy water out of a bottle when you can just pour yourself a glass? Well it’s not that simple, is it? To illustrate why and why not you should drink bottled water I lined up a few examples.

Should I buy bottled water and keep in my fridge

No, you shouldn’t. Just bottle it yourself in glass or recycled plastic bottles. If you want it sparkling just get yourself a soda stream and that problem is solved.

Do you want flavored water? No problem, there are a ton of flavorings to get in stores. But there is one problem with a simple no to this question. What if your tap water is either not healthy to drink or taste terrible? In that case, I have to say yes. I’ve experienced bad tap water quality plenty of times and it is no fun. Clor and off smell and flavors its, not something you want to quench your thirst with.

I live in Sweden and here the tap water quality is great, but think worldwide and I guess I’m a minority, so who am I to judge?

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Should I buy bottled water at a restaurant?

No, not at least if they can offer a decent tap water alternative. So it really depends on where the restaurant is and what they can offer. Tap water or maybe a filtered alternative is your best choice. At least stay away from the imported water. Why should you drink fancy and expensive Italian water anywhere else besides Italy?

I buy water when I traveling or out shopping, shouldn’t I?

I do too, you do need to hydrate and water is most likely the best thing for it. If you have good taper water at home you will save both money and the environment by bringing a bottle of your own. So that is the best choice but one that doesn’t always work.

Then we get to convenience if you’re thirsty buy water. Why not. Here’s where I usually get annoyed with environmentalists who go “Well why didn’t you bring a bottle from home?” I didn’t, ok, and now I’m thirsty. So why shouldn’t I get a bottle of water? There is no difference if you get a bottle of water or a bottle Coke. Coke is mostly water and sugar anyway, it’s a convenience choice, the fact that its water doesn’t matter.

Enough ranting about this, what I mean is simply this. If you have good tap water, drink that when you can. If not, buy water, preferably local.

Water bottle packaging design

Why don’t we see any of these water bottle packaging designs in stores?

That’s not entirely true. A few of the designs that you will see below can be found in stores but most not. Why is that? I think that it once again comes down to this. Price, production and a tough market.

Most standout designs come with a flaw, usually, that flaw is the price. Adding a few cents on every bottle will kill your profits, especially in a tough market like bottled water. There are of course premium brands and price fighters in water as in most food categories but the competition is though. Most stores want a few choices but not endlessly many. That makes it hard to get your product on the shelf. Big premium brands have close relations with the retailers and often have the money to back up their product.

Water is not a very unique product either. You might have a favorite water, I do too. But I’m not sure I would like to bet any money on guessing which “my” water is in a blind test, would you?

Finally, we have production. Have you ever seen water or any other bottled product being produced? Well, it goes fast. Really really fast. That means adding a bottle that slows things down or makes you have to adjust whatever bottling equipment you’ve got expensive, once again with the result that your profits going down. Sad news for new players on the bottled water market I guess.

Now for the fun part. Even though it looks like a tough market there are great water bottle packaging designs out there. I rounded up a big collection of great designs. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out my full food packaging coverage here.



H2 Water



H2 Water has made a very sleek and stylish bottle. It kind of reminds me of a shampoo bottle, at least the shape. (source)


H2O Water

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

H2O, I like this design idea. The atoms that go into water is used in the design. I guess this photo would have looked better if they actually filled the bottle with water, still a nice design though. (source).


Aqua Carpatica

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Aqua Carpatica have made one of the coolest designs in this list. The pattern that you see on the side of the bottle is of course the same as when a drop of water hits a surface. Very well done. Sadly I have a hunch that this is not very easy or maybe expensive to make for a big market. I can’t think of any other reason why I have never seen a design like this in stores. (source)


Aura Water

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

This one is called Aura, there’s not anything explained about it. From the picture, I guess this is some sort of crystal water. I don’t know if this is meant to represent the pureness of the water or if there is actually crystals in the water. It looks nice and I do think this is a good water bottle packaging design, with or without crystals. (source)



Puro Water



Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Puro Water. This water comes in a cylindrical water bottle packaging. Very sleek and modern. There are three types of water. Still, distilled and sparkling, you can see them from left to right in the photo. The tops are made out of wood which makes the packaging seem a bit more natural I think. (source)


H2O Water

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Another one called H2O, water. This design feels more like a fun concept than an actual product. Most likely very hard to produce and not cheap. But it looks cool with the three cubes stacked on top of each other. Personally, I don’t really see this as a water bottle packaging, but remove the branding and it would look great on any restaurant table, filled with tap water of course. (source)


Pure Water

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Pure water, I’m torn over this water bottle. The shape of the bottle is great but those blue and green balls on top? Not my favorite, almost any other way of sealing the bottle would have worked for me. (source)



15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Swedish water Ramlösa redesigned this bottle a few years ago, I preferred the old bottle which was made of glass. This one is in plastic but it has worked well on the market. I can’t understand why they don’t make this bottle in glass for the restaurant industry, especially in a time when we are all trying to move away from plastics. Come on Ramlösa, make this in one liter glass bottles as well, people will reuse them forever. Oh, I guess you figured that out too…


Panta Anba

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Panta Anba the water is also very minimalistic, great shape on the bottle. I like the transparent font on this bottle. (source)

Fuensanta Water

Another nice design, simple green leaves in various shades of green. I like this design because it’s one of the few who dares to play around with color. Most other just want to make the water look as transparent and clean as possible, problem is that most others want to do that too. (source)


Aqua Monaco

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Aqua Monaco dares to use some colors as well, this one also comes in blue. I love it. When it comes to the design this could just as easily have been a craft beer. Imagine the bottle in brown glass instead and there you have it. Those small details change everything, a good reason to look outside your own field when you’re searching the web for packaging inspiration.


A Bottle of Love

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Another nice way to use some color. This is obviously a plastic mockup but I still like it. The pixel-inspired design and with a nice message make it stand out a bit. (source)


New Zealand Artesian Water


One of the most stylish ones on this list. New Zealand Artesian Water. I love the label design, this is some elegant water. Here’s where you have to struggle with yourself to not buy some for your home, no matter how good that tap water taste. (source)




Great bottle design for this Italian water. Feels a little inspired by the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. Very early 1900’s feel to it, I love the striping in the bottle. Not unusual to find this in the world of spirits. Here we have it in a water bottle packaging and it looks great. (source)


Frontgate Water

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Frontgate water is inspired by a classic wine pitcher. A big opening on top, it looks more modern thanks to the graphics on the sides. I also like the paper seal on top. (source)




A little bit different design for this bottle, especially when it comes to the shape. (source)


Japanese Water

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

This Japanese water has an amazing bottle, engraved designs and with the red text and plastic lock on the cork, this is looking really good. No surprise that some of the coolest designs come from Japan. If you want to see more of the same but not for water do check out this list of Japanese Food Packaging.




One more who dares to use some color, for me the logo on the bottom doesn’t really match the rest of the design but still a great job. (source)

More Japanese Water

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Another cool Japanese water, very nice illustrations. (source)


Tundra Water

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

This tundra water are keeping it minimal as well. (source)


Jeju Water

This design is so amazing, when the bottle is on its side it looks like the surface of the sea. One of the best ideas ever. Only wished I would have thought of it before this designer. (source)


Echo Water

15 Water Bottle Packaging Designs That stands out

Nice blue graphics and I like the old style opener on top. (source)


Akka Water

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

The minute I saw this I thought vodka, but it’s water. But you have to agree that this would work well as a vodka packaging design as well. (source)

Water, So that’s it

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Clean design with a story, about how it’s just water. (source)

Floating Water Bottle Packaging

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Not actually a product but since this look so cool I had to let it on the list of water bottle packaging design. Can it be much better than this?


Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Not the best photos but I like the shapes on the bottle. Not only does it look good, it would make you get a good grip as well.


Holy Water


Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Bound to happen I guess. Holy Water. Fun idea but selling products related to any religion is always tricky unless you’re a church that is. It would be fun if these were actually for sale during church events. (source)


Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out

Last one and it’s a creative water bottle packaging design. It’s a water bottle that doubles as a serving platter. Freeze it and then place it on the side, that is where your sushi goes. Maybe not the first thing you think of but I love the creative thinking. (source)

Water Bottle Packaging Designs That Stands Out