Wearable Tomato Project

tomato feeding machine

The Wearable Tomato Project are a marketing campaign by Japanese Tomato company Kagome to let us know that tomatoes are very nutritious and is a great vegetable to eat when working out.

In this fun video Mr Suzuki, one of Kagomes staff wonder why we don’t see athletes eating tomatoes at sports events. The answer he comes up with is the lack of mobility and then The Wearable Tomato Project is born.

So in collaboration with Maywa Denki they create this crazy tomato machine that you put on your shoulder before you go running, the machine will then feed you with tomatoes throughout your run and you will get all the energy you’ll need.

So Kagome have picked a fight with the banana as the preferred snack while exercising, and it might not be a bad idea since tomatoes are packed with good stuff.

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