Taco Bell Web of Fries Movie Trailer

01/21/2018 • Ads

Want to know why Taco Bell doesn’t serve fries? Watch this Taco Bell Web of Fries Movie trailer, the reason might scare you, but you’ll laugh along the way…

This Taco Bell Web of Fries movie trailer is so well made I actually want to see the movie. It looks like every other conspiracy movie trailer you’ve ever seen. Which makes you want to see this one too.

The trailer features father and conspiracy whistleblower Josh Duhamel in his quest to find out why Taco Bell won’t serve fries. The whole film is of course made to market the launch of Taco Bell’s upcoming Nacho Fries which go on sale on the 25th of January, the first fries you’ll find at Taco Bell.

The Nacho Fries comes coated in what they call a “bold Mexican seasoning” and a side of cheese sauce. I’m sure guests at Taco Bell will love them.

What I love is how great this Web of Fries movie trailer is. They picked up on every familiar clip you’ll find in every conspiracy film you’ve ever seen. From what you can see it looks like they spent lots of money making it look as good as it does too.

Great marketing by Taco Bell, all we need now is a release date for the movie, not just the fries.

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