This Is The Weirdest Sausage Ad Ever

10/08/2018 • Ads

Check out what must be the weirdest ad for sausages ever. It comes from Russia and it comes in style, a very weird and funny style in this case. Don’t miss this.

I’ve seen a weird food ad or two before. But this is by far at the top of the list. To me, it’s the weirdest sausage ad ever. I know, how many sausage ads have you seen? Actually a few, but that’s beside the point, this is also one of the weirdest food ads ever.

It starts out with a young man sitting at a table when he gets the question form his wife if he prefers a smoked sausage or a ham sausage. Immediately the man floats into a very surreal dream where he finds himself in a desert. Drinking from a sausage cocktail, nibbling slices of sausage from a cool bag that instead of ice holds a grill.

Oh yeah, there’s also a hand with an ax that chops a huge rock in two and that rock turns out to be a sausage too. Just so you know, we are only a few seconds into the ad this far.

Then he opens his mouth which holds space, you know, outer space. There the man finds himself floating while a flock of flamingos floats by and he slaps his thigh so it creates a wave, similar to meat I guess.

Snap back to reality where the man gets the third offer, maybe hot dogs instead?

It sure stands out

The whole idea behind this ad must be to get us talking about it. Mission accomplished. Seriously though I love it when anyone decides to take things just a step too far and goes all in, I just wished I would have been at the pitch where the agency persuaded the sausage brand to do this ad.

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