Wendy’s Puts Sriracha In Everything In These Vintage Style Ads

01/09/2017 • Ads

Watch how Wendy’s puts Sriracha in everything in these vintage style ads, because I guess things just gets better that way.

Wendy’s Hamburgers have gone all in when it comes to using Sriracha. In their new Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich they have got the following Sriracha ingredients.

Sriracha-infused bun

Sriracha Jack Cheese

Sriracha Aioli

But what else can you put Sriracha in?

Well as it turns out a subwoofer and watermelon are absolutely great things. Because that is what Wendy’s are doing in these fun vintage style ads that comes with the Sriracha campaign.

In total there are three different short films. Each one features two scientist who perform different Sriracha experiments. They are all filmed and styled to look like science films from the 1950’s and they are absolutely charming.

One can be viewed on top and the other two below, enjoy!

And if you feel that you need even more Sriracha you can check out our full coverage here.

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