Pepsi Celebrates Women Artists In The Second Design Series for LIFEWTR Bottles

Pepsi Celebrates Women Artists The Second Design Series for LIFEWTR Bottles

Pepsi keeps inviting great artist to make bottle design for their LIFEWTR bottles, for the second round of the special design bottles they invited some great women artists, check it out.

Last year Pepsi launched an artist designed bottle series for their water brand LIFEWTR. I wrote about the project here and really liked both the idea and the designs. Now Pepsi is launching a second series of the LIFEWTR bottles with one important difference.

This time the three great artists are women which are not weird since more than half of visual artist today are women. The sad part is that they only make up 3-5% of the major permanent collections in the U.S. and Europe. With this project LIFEWTR does at least something to help female artists get the attention they deserve, seems fair as well since all the artist from series one of the LIFEWTR bottles was male. Let’s check out the artists.

LIFEWTR Bottle Design Artists

Trudy Benson: Trudy Benson is a New York-based artist known for her large-scale abstract paintings that utilize textures, shapes and bold colors. Her early style was influenced by a mix of digital technology and mid-century abstraction. Benson’s works layer a range of paints and oils to create textured surfaces full of drips, scratches and globs of pigment. She also considers accidents an important part of her process.

Lynnie Z: Lynnie Z possesses a distinctive style which melds high energy with a bold, bright color palate to create mysterious characters.  The development of these characters is the driving force of her work — producing enigmatic, seductive creatures and powerful femme fatales. Women are mostly the subject of her pieces which she brings to life using ink, paint and paint pens.

Adrienne Gaither: Adrienne Gaither is a visual artist whose work explores identity and imagination through painting and installations. Her work attempts to challenge ideologies that perpetuate hierarchical structures. Gaither’s paintings reflect her deep interest in political histories, incorporating footage from old archives and contemporary news into subversions of geometric abstractions.

Pepsi Celebrates Women Artists The Second Design Series for LIFEWTR Bottles

By the end of this post you can watch a short video about each artist and their work.

Pepsi has also announced the following

  • LIFEWTR Mentorship Program: This summer, the brand will work with series artists on a mentorship program by providing access to professional development workshops, resources, connections and ongoing support.  Follow LIFEWTR on social media for more details to be unveiled in the coming weeks.
  • Frieze Brooklyn Museum Fund: In its inaugural year, LIFEWTR contributed to the first official museum acquisition fund for the fair with the purchase of “Untitled 1971” by American artist Virginia Jaramillo. The fund will continue to acquire paintings from inspiring artists and showcase their works in the Brooklyn Museum as a part of their permanent collection.


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