Woodchuck Cider Commercials

07/05/2015 • Ads

Have a look at these funny Woodchuck cider commercials.

Woodchuck cider have just launched their first ad campaign for their Woodchuck cider, the campaign these two funny commercials on how the name of the cider was invented. The one on top starts out with the Woodchuck cider not being named to what it is today and a couple of guys travel in time to change the name for the better.

The second one is a poor cider delivery man who got stuck under his wagon and needs a bit of help from the wild to get away, and thanks nature by renaming the cider.

If you’re not familiar with cider Woodchuck have made a great infographic that explains the whole process on what it is you’re drinking. Check that out here.

About Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Cider started in a garage in Proctorsville, Vermont in 1991 where winemaker Greg Failing started experimenting with apples. The result was the Woodchuck Amber which was filled on a 1940’s soda filler. Since those early days Woodchuck have kept growing and is one of the top selling brands of hard cider in the US.

In 2012 Woodchuck Cider was bought by the Irish beverage company C&C Group for $305 million. The cider is still made in Vermont, USA. Woodchuck cider is known for their innovative and high quality hard cider.


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