Chef Interviews – Chef Q&A Map

The interviews with great Chefs here at Ateriet keep adding up. To not miss out on a great one I created this map so you can find your favorite. Each pin represents a Chef interviewed. Make sure to zoom in because in many cases there are several Chefs interviewed from the same city. If you think it’s hard to use the map when it’s this small simply click to open it up in full size.

Things go fast in the restaurant business, some Chefs might have moved on and restaurants might have closed. This represents the Chef and the restaurant at the time the interview was made.

Enjoy and share it. If you want to scroll through the interviews in a more traditional way head over here.

About Ateriet’s Chef Q&A

Chef Q&A at Ateriet is our way of giving great chefs the respect they deserve. We interview chefs from all over the world with the stuff we want to know. If you know a chef we should interview or have any other suggestions don’t be afraid to let us know, just leave a comment or send an email. You can read our other Chef Q&A’s here.