Scrambled eggs in the shell with truffle oil

scrambled eggs in the shell

Make a stylish scrambled eggs in the shell.

Making scrambled eggs in the shell is a cool way to present a simple thing like scrambled eggs in a more elegant way that will impress your dinner guests. It is a bit time consuming to cut the egg shells but it is worth it of you have a bit fancier dinner at home, well it won´t need to be fancy at all, you could also serve the eggs in regular egg cups for a more breakfasty look.

What you´ll need is either a egg shell cutter, that is a special tool that you fit on the egg that will break it in a sharp line across the egg. This however cost around seventy US dollars and is in no way worth the cost. But if you are rich or don´t care about cost you can buy one here.

If you´re a bit more on the cheap side (like me) then you can use a small scissor, I have one that is made for cutting fingernails that I use only in the kitchen, and no silly that does not mean I cut my fingernails in the kitchen. What you do when you´re cutting the egg with scissors is to poke a small hole about one third on the side of the egg and then carefully cut the eggshell with the scissor. As long as you cut only small small cuts at the time the shell won´t crack, then rinse the shells in water and leave to dry.

Now for the scrambled eggs I simply use eggs, cream, butter, salt, pepper and any other flavor you like. I use truffle oil for this recipe.

Scrambled eggs in the shell with truffle oil

serves 4 filled eggshells

3 eggs
30g/1oz butter
30g/1oz cream
salt, pepper
a few drops of truffle oil or fresh white truffles, if you really are rich

Combine eggs, butter and cream in a pan and gently heat during whisking. Once the scramble starts to thicken season with salt, pepper and the truffle oil. Whisk hard until the eggs are cooked but still creamy. Carefully pour into the egg shells and serve.

Scrambled eggs in the shell

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