Boost your energy with maple syrup

maple syrup untapped

Use Maple syrup to boost your energy instead of energy bars, that is the idea behind UnTapped, a maple syrup that you can use during workout to get energy back in your system.

If you are running a marathon or out on a long trek or cycling for hours I am sure you know the feeling when your energy simply run out. Then you usually have two options, either stop or slow down or boost your energy by eating something. Most of chose to keep going and when its time to find something to eat its not that fun to take a stroll looking for something good. Most nutritional options aren’t very tasty and often the nutritional values are questionable.

This is what Vermont based company UnTapped have figured out and that is why they are now selling all natural unprocessed maple syrup packed in a way that lets you gain easy access to it and to store it in a good way.

SImply pull one out when its time to boost your energy and enjoy. Besides being tasty maple syrup also contains antioxidants, iron, calcium and a bunch of other stuff that is good for you. Also maple syrup has a lower glycemic index so it will burn that energy more slowly and evenly than it would if you were eating sugar.

UnTapped is available for you at the UnTapped website, enjoy!


maple syrup in small bags

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