10 Great Super Bowl Snack Foods

Homemade Popcorn with Chili Butter and Lime

Super Bowl is just around the corner and what greater opportunity to put a little bit of extra effort into some great Super Bowl snacks! Below you will find my personal top ten favorites that will be great snacks when enjoying the game. For each picture there´s a link that you can follow if any of the snacks look to complicated, have a great Super Bowl and may the best team win!

pumpkin seeds with salt

First let´s start with something very simple, some roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt.

Roasted pumpkin seeds with salt.

radish with cream cheese

And follow it with a little bit of vegetables (don´t worry there´s chips and other great stuff coming right up).

Radishes with cream cheese and herbs.

edamame beans

And you just can´t get tired of edamame beans can you?

Edamame beans with salt.

chips with sriracha dip

Now for a classic with a twist, home made potato chips with a spicy Sriracha dip!

Potato chips with herb salt and Sriracha dip.


And who doesn´t love popcorn with lime and chili butter!

Popcorn with chili butter and lime.

 hummus on toast

No snack table is complete without some of this delicious middle eastern classic.

Hummus on toast.


Nachos, gotta love it!

Nachos with peppers and avocado mayonnaise.

brocolli with sriracha

Broccoli is probably not what you´re thinking of when planning you Super Bowl snack selection, but then make some room, this is great stuff.

Broccoli with Sriracha mayonnaise.

parma ham grissini

Home made grissini wrapped in delicious Parma ham.

Grissini with Parma ham and cream cheese.

bean dip on toast

And why not some more crostinis, this time with a garlic packed white bean dip!

Crostini with white bean dip.


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