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  • 04/06/2018 • Packaging

    Drill Vodka Comes In a Drill-Shaped Bottle

    See how this Drill Vodka merges the shape of a drill with a vodka bottle and makes it look good along the way. Drill vodka is something new. Me, just like you have probably seen so many weird shapes and ideas to make bottles stand out but...

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  • 02/08/2018 • Ads

    Absolut Vodka Goes Naked In Their New Brilliant Ad

    Absolut Vodka goes naked in their new brilliant ad. I mean that literally, the whole ad is hosted by Absolut Vodka employees who explains all about how Absolut works in a transparent, in this case, naked way. Do watch this one. Absolut...

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  • 03/24/2016 • Packaging

    40 Absolut Vodka Bottles With Stunning Design

    Absolut Vodka is one of the most iconic drinks around and have been for quite some time now, we have put together a great collection of 40 Absolut Vodka Bottles that you’ll love. Check out some great vodka packaging design. Absolut Vodka...

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  • 02/03/2016 • Ads

    Diet Coke Unique Bottle Campaign vs Absolut Vodka

    Diet Coke are releasing a new campaign called “It’s mine” in the US with millions of unique Diet Coke bottles, maybe you can mix that with a unique bottle of Absolut Vodka? Read about the Diet Coke Unique bottle campaign. It’s...

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  • 05/18/2015 • Recipes

    Learn how to make an Absolut Mango Crush with this great video

    Learn how to make an Absolut Mango Crush with this great video, take some help from the good people at Absolut and learn a new drink. Time for another drink, this time it’s an Absolut Mango Crush, lemon vodka, loads of mango and some...

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  • 05/08/2015 • Recipes

    How to make a Absolut Tom Collins

    Time for another friday drink and once again we are using the great help from Absolut to show you how. The drink this week is a Absolut Tom Collins, normally a Tom Collins is made using gin instead of vodka so if you would like to keep...

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  • 05/01/2015 • Recipes

    How to make a Long Island Iced Tea

    Making a Long Island Iced Tea is a little bit like taking everything bottle of booze you own and mix it with coke, lime and some ice. But it does need to be a bit more exact than that so to truly master this classic drink we give you the...

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  • 04/30/2015 • Packaging

    Absolut Vodka are redesigning their iconic bottle

    The iconic Absolut Vodka bottle have looked like it does today since it was launched in 1979 but now the time has come for a redesign. To make something considered perfect better Absolut have teamed up with a master illustrator and a...

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  • 04/17/2015 • Recipes

    White Russian Recipe and how to make it

    Time to learn another drink, again with the help of Absolut. This time it’s White Russian time. A very simple but delicious drink, vodka, coffee liqueur and milk, what could go wrong? If you’re feeling adventurous you could make a...

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  • 03/11/2015 • Recipes

    How to make a Bloody Mary with Absolut Vodka

    How to make a Bloody Mary, find out all you need to know in this great video by Absolut Vodka, plus you get to drink one as soon as you’ve learned to make it. Bloody Mary, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, no seriously...

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