Which Tomato for What? A infographic Tomato Guide

Which Tomato for What? A infographic Tomato Guide, get it at Ateriet

Learn which tomato for what in this great infographic, take your tomato skills to the next level and make sure you’re using the right kind.

We all love tomatoes, there is no shortage on what to use them for and the varieties you can find in a store today are more than there ever was before. But that is also when some added knowledge might be a good idea because have you ever asked yourself Which tomato for what?

You probably haven’t but there are some major differences depending if you’re choosing a beefsteak, plum, cherry or grape tomato. Luckily we’ve got our hands on a great infographic that gives us exactly what we need to know. So check it out below and pick up some new tomato skills right now.

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