How Sriracha is Made – See it all in this video

If you love some spice on your tacos you without a doubt have a bottle of Sriracha at home. But now you can see how Sriracha is made, just click and enjoy.

See how Sriracha is made in this great video from Refinery29. If you’ve visited any taco truck, burger joint or food lovers fridge the last five years you’ve seen a bottle of Sriracha.

But have you ever thought of how Sriracha is made? Well now you can find out how the dominant brand of Sriracha is made. Huy Fong is the bottle with the green cap and the rooster printed on the front. This is the one you’re most likely to have tried.

What is not known by everyone is that this is an American product and every bottle you will find is actually made in one single factory in California. In the video you’ll get to see this massive place and how the sauce is made.

As a little tip I recommend you to try other types of Sriracha whenever you find them. I personally picked up a Yellow Sriracha in Bangkok, Thailand which is the best one I ever tried. Sadly I haven’t seen it since so if you know where to get it please let me know.

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