What to do with an egg video by Rusch Meyer

Don’t know what to do with an egg? Don’t worry, Rusch Meyer made this great video of 12 great things to do with an egg, watch and enjoy.

Rusch Meyer is a Berlin based filmmaker who among other things also are creating great food videos for the website Food, People, Places. We have shared his work here before, then it was 13 great sandwiches.

But this time we are taking a closer look on what to do with an egg in this cool video. All the ways shown in the video are dishes where eggs either play the main part or has a key role to make the dish complete. The ways to prepare an egg in the video are.

Boiled egg
Fried sunny side up
Scrambled eggs
Graved eggs
Scotch Egg
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spanish Tortilla
Pavlova with berries and figs
Creme Brulee
Whiskey Sour

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