Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test & See How Good They Are

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test

Creamy dark chocolate and mint in a colorful candy shell. That’s how M&M’s Mint is described. But is it any good? Let’s find out as we do the M&M’s Mint Taste Test.

So it’s time for the M&M’s Mint Taste Test. I’m gonna start out with admitting that I love M&M’s. Especially the peanut and peanut butter varieties. There’s just something about chocolate, peanuts and that crackling candy shell that is impossible not to like.

With that said I was very happy to stumble on a bag of M&M’s Mint that I didn’t even knew existed until I found it. As a fan of both M&M’s and mint chocolate this sounds like something I would love. The testing will begin shortly but before I start eating let’s take a quick tour through what M&M’s are and where they come from.

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test

A Very Brief History of M&M’s

M&M’s is chocolate lentils or chocolate covered nuts usually sold in bags as snacks. The candies are covered in a crunchy colorful shell which not only makes the M&M’s look good. It also prevents them from melting in your hand.

M&M’s was first made in the US in 1941. The idea was copied by Forrest Mars Sr who had seen how soldiers were eating the British Smarties candy during the Spanish Civil War. Smarties are about the same thing as a plain M&M. A shell covered chocolate lentil.

The first production was made in Newark, New Jersey, and the name M&M comes from the names of Forrest E Mars Sr and Bruce Murrie who was the son of Hershey Chocolate president William FR Murrie who owned a piece in the company. The reason Hershey was involved was to secure chocolate for making the M&M’s since chocolate was rationed during the second world war.

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test

The M&M’s is today one of the world’s biggest brands of chocolate candies and is available in over 100 countries. The varieties have grown and today there is a number of different M&M’s varieties, including the M&M’s Mint which I’m about to test.

A fun fact is that the printed M on each M&M’s wasn’t introduced until 1950 and then the M was black. It got changed to a white M in 1954 when the peanut variety was first introduced. Now let’s eat some M&M’s Mint.

Packaging and Design

The packaging is the snack size standard M&M packaging. A small bag with in green with the M&M logo and one of the M&M cartoons on the side. It’s functional and looks good. Nothing out of the ordinary.

What is out of the ordinary is how good the actual candies look. They come in three different shades of green and looks absolutely great. This is almost art, just look at them in my photos here.

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test


It is candy so that means it’s rarely great. It’s about the same mix of cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate as in most candies of this type. The only downside is that there’s a bunch of colors added. But how else do you make chocolate look green?

M&M’s Mint Flavor

The texture is the same as regular M&M’s. Crunchy and filled with chocolate. What makes this different is the darker chocolate and the mint flavor. The chocolate tastes darker than milk chocolate but it’s not so dark that it gets bitter. So they will work for both children and adults.

The mint flavor is good too, clear mint flavor without being too intensive which some mint chocolate products can be.

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test

M&M’s Mint Taste Test Result

I do like this product. It’s a good variety to an already good product. Since it’s using the same packaging and size it easily recognizable. The flavor is good and the candies look amazing. So I’m giving it a four out of five. The reason why I’m not giving it the highest grade is that I think I might grow tired of the flavor a little too quickly. A mixed bag with some different flavors in one would be great and a welcome product from M&M. If you notice the date on my bag you see that it expired in 2016 so I’m guessing the M&M’s Mint hasn’t sold that well.

Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test

Name: M&M’s Mint
Brand: M&M’s
Bought: USA
Produced by: Mars
Size: 1.5 oz / 42.5 g

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Let’s Do The M&M’s Mint Taste Test