Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Bord 27 and Natur in Gothenburg, Sweden

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in Gothenburg

Peter Orrmyr is the Chef and owner of restaurants Bord 27 and Natur in Gothenburg, Sweden. Meet him in our Chef Q&A in a talk about natural wine, keeping restaurant prices down and why you should visit Gothenburg.

In the beginning of 2015 Peter Orrmyr opened restaurant Bord 27 in Gothenburg, the name simply means Table 27. The restaurant quickly became a Gothenburg favorite with it’s low prices and delicious modern food. With one hit restaurant opened Peter kept going and he opened his second restaurant Natur which means Nature earlier this year. With two great restaurants opened I felt it was time to talk food and restaurants with Peter.

How did you become a Chef?
By chance really. I took an internship in a kitchen when I was sixteen and I’ve been there ever since.

Do you have a favorite food memory?
My Grandmother’s beef roulades.

You opened your first restaurant Bord 27 last year, how long had you been planning before you made it happen?
Actually it’s not my first restaurant. I had another place earlier called Hemma Hos in the Haga area in Gothenburg. After that I worked as a Chef at another restaurant for a number of years. But the idea of opening up on my own was always there in the back of my head. Once we decided to do it things went fast. We found a place, bought it, spent two months fixing it and then we opened.

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in Gothenburg
Left: Yoghurt ice cream, milk chocolate cake, Spanish almonds, fried chocolate and raspberry jelly. Right: Scallop with sunchoke, smoked egg yolk, hazelnuts, apple and brown butter.

The restaurant became an instant hit and sort of came out of nowhere, how did you manage with getting so many guests more or less from the start?
We barely know ourselves. It wasn’t expected at all. We were set on working hard to get our guests. But we got some good reviews and the timing was good. We are also in a neighbourhood that needed something new so that was probably just as important.

Then it didn’t take long to start on your second restaurant Natur which opened earlier this year, was it a plan to open up a second place so soon?
It sort of was. We always had the plan to open more than one place but it wasn’t planned to happen so quickly. The biggest reason was because of that Bord 27 got so popular so fast. We felt like keep going while we were on a roll.

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in Gothenburg
Left: Carrots with buckwheat risotto, marjoram and smoked ricotta. Right: Black currant sorbet, yuzu and butter cream, pistachios and fire roasted meringue.

What would you say sets the two restaurants apart?
From the start Natur was suppose to be a little more fine dining, but we’ve sort of left that and the restaurants are quite similar. But Bord 27 is still a little more punk than Natur.

At Natur we only have natural wine and we have an idea to on only serve organic food. But this is often the case at Bord 27 as well where we serve as much organic as possible. In the beginning it felt weird to recommend guests to the other restaurant when we were full. But now we can and still feel confident that the guest gets a great experience at both places.

So are you done for now or are there more plans already?
There’s plans and we are constantly talking about ideas that we want to bring to life. But an idea needs to come out of a unique place, location, size and feeling. This will all play a big role in what we will be doing in the future.

One thing that stands out is the low prices, especially considering the high quality. Was that the intention from the start, to try to offer high quality with low prices?
It was. Going out for dinner shouldn’t be something you only do for wedding days and birthdays. You should be able to go out on a weekday and feel that you don’t have to spend a month’s pay. It’s also more fun for both us and our guests if the restaurants is full every day.

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in Gothenburg
Left: Blackberry sorbet, sponge and foam, licorice lemon meringue. Right: Strawberries with lemon grass and sorrel, vanilla ice cream with brown butter, elder flower jelly and almonds.

Is it hard to keep the prices low, is there ingredients that have to stay away from?
It sure is hard but we don’t stay away from ingredients because of the price. Sometimes we’ve had a few dishes that had been slightly more expensive on the menu as well.

Trying to keep restaurant prices down is somewhat of a trend in Sweden at the moment, do you think that will keep getting more common?
I don’t think so. To be able to keep a high quality and attract the best staff any serious restaurant needs to be able to charge more.

So called nature wines is a big thing at Natur, is wine a personal interest as well, and why should I drink nature wines?
It’s a big personal interest and at the moment I’m only drinking natural wines. I appreciate pure wines. There’s really fun natural wines available with some cool and exciting flavors. It’s also a bonus that I don’t get as hungover either.

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in Gothenburg
Left: Pumpkin, smoked and pickled beets, Swedish cheese and salt toasted walnuts. Right: Pork belly with turnip puré, dried kale, grilled cabbage and pickled cabbage and mustard.

Where do you like to travel for culinary inspiration?
Copenhagen, New York, Barcelona. France if you know where to go. But mostly Copenhagen since it is so accessible. There are one step ahead of Sweden on a lot of things.

What’s so great about Gothenburg, what do you have that I can’t find somewhere else?
Well, it’s a great city, especially in the summertime. It’s a big city with a small town feel. It’s easy to get around and and the distances in the city is not to big. And there’s a shitload of great restaurants.

Do you have a guilty pleasure in food, and if so what is it?
Falu sausage with 3 minute macaroni, ketchup and mustard. Just scoop it in, it’s great.

Who do you think we should interview here at Ateriet?
Tom Sjöstedt and Daniel Räms of Lilla Ego in Stockholm. That’s my absolute favorite restaurant at the moment.

Thanks Peter for your time and keep opening great places to eat in Gothenburg.

Meet Peter Orrmyr of Restaurants Natur and Bord 27 in GothenburgName: Peter Orrmyr
Age: 39
Birth city: Gothenburg
Current city: Gothenburg
Education: School of hard nocks
Previous profession: Cook

Read more about the restaurants below. You should also check out Peter Orrmyr on Instagram, great food and behind the scenes stuff delivered on a regular basis.





About The Restaurants

Bord 27  is located on Haga Kyrkogata 14 in Gothenburg. The restaurant have a short menu with incredible value. Bord 27 is opened daily for dinner. For the full menu and reservations visit Bord 27 online. You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Natur is located on Geijersgatan 12 in Gothenburg. Just as with Bord 27 the restaurant offers a short but great menu with slightly more focus on natural wine and organic ingredients. Natur is open Monday-Saturday for dinner. For menus and reservations visit them online and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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